🌴(️ Karnataka Special)😍. 😛🌴Mysore Masala Dosa Recipes😝🤗

Mysore Masala dosa is a famous in Karnataka. South Indian tiffin snack popular not only in India but outside India too. Masala dosa is on the menu list of many North Indian restaurants too. Though making masala dosa is a long process, but its worth it.😝😊

The recipe is like the mysore masala dosa served in the bangalore and mysore restaurants. by the way, i have had mysore masala dosa both in bangalore and mysore. so i know the ones that are served there and the ones served in mumbai or delhi restaurants.

The mysore dosa is spread with a spicy red chili-garlic chutney and the potato palya stir fry and served with coconut chutney and samber.😛

Mysore Masala Dosa recipe is easy to make though it is a labour intensive breakfast dish. This addictive rich dosa has a crisp exterior and the spongy interior is liberally smeared with butter or ghee, over which a layer of red chutney is smothered and finished off with potato masala, folded in half and served with accompaniments like sambar and coconut chutney. Its rich and filling, enough to see your through the day. And the best way to finish off this ultimate South Indian breakfas

Ingredients :

For Dosa:
Raw Rice 1 cup
Par boiled rice 1 cup
Urad dal 3/4 cup
Chana dal fistful
Tur dal fistful
Methi seeds 1 tsp
Poha 1/4 cup
Sugar 1 tsp
Salt to taste

For potatoes masala stuffing:
Potatoes 2, large, boiled, peeled and cubed.
Onion 1, large, sliced.
Green chilies 2-3, slit.
Ginger 1″, finely minced.
Turmeric powder 1/4 tbsp.
Lemon juice 1 tbsp.
Salt to taste.
Oil 1 1/2 tbs .
Coriander leaves 2 tbsps, finely chopped for garnish.
Mustard seeds 1 tbsp.
Urad dal 1 1/2 tbs .
Curry leaves 1 sprig.

For Red Chili chutney:
Red chilies 4-5.
Roasted gram dal 1/4 cup.
Onion 1 tbsp, finely chopped (optional).
Coconut 1/4 cup, fresh and grated
Garlic 1 large clove (optional).
Tamarind 1/2 tsp .
Salt to taste.
Sugar 1/4 tsp (optional).
Oil 1 tsp..

For potato stuffing :

Boiled potato – 2 nos
Green chilli – 1 no ( finely chopped)
Big onion – 1 no (-do-)
Curry leaves – Few
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
Salt & water – as needed
To temper
Cooking oil – 1 tbsp.
Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp .
Chana dal – 1 tbsp.
Urad dal – 1 tbsp.

Spicy Red chutney for Mysore masala dosa recipe.

Spicy Red Chutney for Mysore masala dosa.
Chana dal / – 1/4 cup OR Fried gram dal/ – 1/4 cup .
Red chilli – 7-8 nos ( Use only Byadgi chillies for bright red color).
Small onion or big onion – 3 nos / 1/2 no.
Garlic – 2 cloves.
Dessicated coconut – 1 tbsp ( optional)
Salt – as needed.
Water -.

Coconut chutney for Masala Dosa.😊

Grated coconut – 1/2 cup.
Green chilli – 3 – 5 nos .
Fried gram dal /Roasted gram dal – 2 tbsp.
Garlic cloves – 4 nos.
Coriander leaves – 1 sprig.
Curry leaves – 3 nos.
Mint leaves – 1 tbsp.
Tamarind – A pinch.
Sugar – a pinch.
Turmeric powder – a pinch (optional).

How to make :

Wash and soak all the ingredients Raw rice, poha, urad dal (black lentils) chana dal (gram pulse) given under “For Dosa batter” for 3-4 hours. Grind them to a smooth paste adding the required water and salt. You can grind the batter in a big sized mixie jar. Remove the batter to a vessel and ferment it overnight or 12 hours.The next morning, batter would have raised well. Mix well and add 1 tsp of sugar. Mix well and leave the batter for 30 minutes to 1 hour without disturbing it. In the mean time, make red chutney, potato masala and coconut chutney recipes.

Soak in the water 😉
Griend them to smooth paste 😳

Remove the batter in a bowl or pan with a spatula. Here is a pic showing the consistency of the batter.

Add ½ teaspoon rock salt or jira( Cumin seeds) add as per taste.

Mix the salt very well with the batter. Also, mix both the batters very well. Cover and keep aside to ferment for 8 to 9 hours. You can keep for less or more time and this will depend on the temperature conditions in your city.

Keep aside to ferment for 8 to 9 hours

The batter the next day. I kept for about 13 hours and 35 minutes as it is cold during monsoons here.

Method :

Making Potato stuffing 😋

Wash and cut each potato into 4 and pressure cook with 1/2 cup water for 3 whistles. Peel off the skin and mash it well. Heat a pan with oil and temper with the items given under ‘to temper’ table in order. Let the cashews turn golden.

Heat a pan with oil and temper with the items given under ‘to temper’ table in order. Let the cashews turn golden.

Add chopped ginger, green chilli, onion and fry well for a minute. Add 1/4 cup water and turmeric.

Add the mashed potatoes and mix well. Fry for 2-3 minutes, add oil if needed more.

Making Red Chili Chutney hot.😛

Roast channa dal and red chillies in medium flame with few drops of oil. Add shallots, garlic along with and fry for few minutes. Cool down and transfer to the mixer.

Grind it to a thick, yet spreadable chutney, with a little water. Heat dosa pan, spread the dosa batter evenly over the hot tawa, once the dosa is half cooked, add a tblsp of this chutney.

Makeing Mysore Masala Dosa.😝

Now lightly stir the batter, before you begin to make dosa. you will also see tiny air pockets in the batter.

Non stick pan,as then you won’t able to spread the better.

Keep the flame to a low, while spreading batter.

Served the better in circular way on the pan on a medium flamecook the Dosa .

Served the better in circular way

Keep the red chilli chutney on the top.Sprinkle some butter or oil on top and edges.

Add 4 tblsp of the prepared aloo masala and its your option either to spread it slightly and fold the dosa or keep the masala and roll the dosa. No need to flip the dosa.

Then fold the dosa.keep the masala and roll the dosa .😊

Then fold dosa😛

Mysore masala dosa is crisp and soft dosa spiced with red chutney and served with a potato dish, along with coconut chutney

Served with red chilli chutney along with coconut chutney

Mysore masala dosa is crisp and soft dosa spiced with red chutney and served with a potato dish, along with coconut chutney

making mysore masala dosa
On a tava or a flat frying pan spread 1 or 2 tsp oil. If using non stick pan, then don’t spread oil. You won’t be able to spread the dosa batter then.
Take a medium sized ladle or a big spoon and with circular motions spread the dosa from the center towards the edges on the pan.
Sprinkle some drops of oil from the top.
Cover the dosa with a lid.
Let the base get browned and the top side get cooked completely.
Spread 1 or 2 tsp of the red chili chutney on top of the dosa.
Place 2-3 tbsp of the potato stir fry on top of the mysore dosa and spread lightly.
Fold and serve the mysore masala dosa hot with coconut chutney and sambar

Instructions :

firstly prepare dosa batter, red chutney and aloo bhaji.
once the dosa batter has fermented well mix it gently.
and now add ½ tsp salt and ¼ tbsp . sugar to the batter and mix well.
also heat the griddle and pour dosa.
add in 1 tsp of butter, 1 tbsp red chutney and spread.
also, add in potato bhaji filling .
roast for 15-30 seconds and fold the dosa.
finally, serve mysore masala dosa hot with coconut chutney and sambar.

😊🤗I hope you like my new recipe Mysore Masala Dosa.😛😊❤️

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😛(Summer Special)🌅 Mango Cheese Cake 🍰 With Mango Gelee.😊😝😍

This is a really easy recipe you can make with mangoes and gelatin. It uses fresh mango fruit, you can use canned mango pulp too.. 😋

When mangoes is in the season do.😋

Do give a try to this easy cheese cup cake.🍰🍰😛

I came up with this recipe after a little bit of online research, and adjusting my standard mini cheesecake recipe accordingly. And, because I am a big supporter of portion control and like cute little things, I made mini mango cheesecakes. if you’re unsure of the step-by-step process.🙂

First Layer :

Sponge Cake Base:
1 cup all-purpose flour.
1 tsp baking powder.
1/8 tsp salt.
¼ cup butter, at room temperature.
1/3 cup granulated white sugar.
1 egg.
½ tsp vanilla essence.
¼ cup milk.
½ tsp grated lemon zest.

Method Step : 1

Preheat oven to 350°F/180°C and place oven rack to middle position. Butter, or spray with a nonstick cooking spray, the bottom and sides of a jelly roll pan.
In a bowl whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt.
In bowl of electric mixer, or with a hand mixer, beat the butter until soft. Add the sugar and beat until light and fluffy (about 2-3 minutes). Add egg and beat well. Scrape down the sides of the bowl. Add the vanilla extract and lemon zest and beat until combined. With the mixer on low speed, alternately add the flour mixture and milk, in three additions, beginning and ending with flour.
Spread the batter into the prepared pan and smooth the top with an offset spatula. Bake in preheated oven for about 15 – 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.
Cool the cake in its pan on a wire rack for 10 minutes. Then place a wire rack on top of the cake pan and invert, lifting off the pan. Once the cake has completely cooled cut out rounds to fit your cake rings.

Mini Mango cheese cake 😋🍰

Second Layer :

Cheese Cake Filling:
Cream Cheese- 100 gms .
Dream Whip powder – 1 sachet
Thick cream – 250 ml .
Mango Jelly – 1 packet (80 gm).

Method Step : 2

Mix mango jelly according to the package instructions and keep aside at room temperature.
In a blender beat together cream cheese, dream whip powder, thick cream and mango jelly mixture until it is well combined. Pour this mixture evenly on top of the cake layer in the cake rings.
Refrigerate until set.

Third Layer mango Gelee :

Mango Gelee:
Fresh or frozen Alphonso Mango Pulp – 1 cup (at room temperature)
Gelatin – 1 tsp

Method : 3

Soak gelatin in mango pulp for 10 minutes. Microwave the soaked mango pulp- gelatin mixture for 30 seconds. Mix well until gelatin is dissolved.
When the mixture becomes cold carefully spoon on top of the cream cheese mixture and refrigerate.
Decorate with mango small cubes and mint leaves.

Decorate with mango small cubes &Mint leaves 😋😋

Alternatively, you can bake it in a square or spring pan…. For the cake base you are free to use store bought sponge cake, eggless cake or ready to make cake mix…. For cream cheese I used Kiri cream cheese but you can use any brand you prefer…. Substitute mango with fresh strawberry jelly and pulp and you will get a beautiful pink cheese cake…. Do try this easy Mango Cheese Cake .

How to completely Blend the cream cheese !

For best results, make sure the cream cheese and sugar are completely blended, free of lumps and smooth, before adding any other ingredients. If the cream cheese is too cold, it will not blend easily. To easily soften the cream cheese, place completely unwrapped packages of cream cheese in a microwaveable bowl. Microwave on HIGH 30 sec. or just until softened.

Food Facts

Lovely food

Look for the sweetened mango pulp in South Asian grocery stores.

Look for the sweetened mango pulp in South Asian grocery stores.☺

🤗 I hope you like this 😊 My new Recipe Mango cheesecake with Mango Gelee.😝

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😛(Recipes)💎Indian Tradition Madras chicken curry Recipes .🍗😊😊

🤗Welcome back in my recipe Madras chicken curry.😛😋

It’s an extraordinary combination of flavors with a subtle kick from peppercorns & chilies.

This curry can be made as hot as you like. We’re using madras hot curry powder for the heat, but you can add in more heat with fresh chillies, or less heat by swapping out the madras powder for regular medium or mild curry powder.

Spicy hot madras chicken curry 🍗😊😊

What is a Madras chicken curry ?🍗🍗😝

Madras sauce or Madras curry originates from the south of India, named after the city of Madras (now Chennai)Madras (now Chennai). Always red in color, Madras is typically a hot curryThis is a fairly spicy madras curry. If you like it spicer, add an extra hot red chili powder to taste.

What I love about this Quick and Easy Chicken Madras is that it has a rich, depth of flavor that tastes like it cooked for hours. The garam masala that is the spice base and main flavor for the dish is mild and slightly sweet.

usually make this chicken madras curry in my instant pot (mainly for the convenience of pressure cooking), but if the pot is otherwise engaged, I use a deep, heavy-bottomed pan on the stovetop. Both methods are discussed below.


1/2 cup ghee or oil
1 cup chopped red onion about half a large onion
½ cup chopped cilantro
5-6 cloves garlic minced
3 tablespoons fresh grated ginger
30 ounces diced tomatoes 2 – 15 ounce cans
15 ounces unsweetened coconut milk
2 tablespoons Madras curry powder
1 tablespoon garam masala .

1 teaspoon salt.
¼ – ½ teaspoon Kashmiri chili powder or cayenne .
1 ½ – 2 pounds boneless chicken thighs .
1 tablespoon lemon juice.

Spicy &hot madras chicken curry 🍗🍗😛

How to make:

Step 1 – Turn on the instant pot to sauté (normal) and add the oil to the steel insert. Wait for the display to show HOT, then add the dry red chillies, cardamom pods and cloves.

Step 2 – When the spices start sizzling (a few seconds), add the onions and fry until they the just begin to brown. There is no need to caramelize them completely. Do stir them now and then to prevent uneven browning. This should take about 5 minutes.

Step 3 – Add the powdered spices and salt and stir rapidly for a few seconds. Add a couple tablespoons water immediately if you find the spices sticking to the bottom. You can even turn off the pot for a few seconds at this point and turn it on again when you are adding the rest of the ingredients. The heat that is built up already is enough to roast the spices.

Step 4 – Stir in the minced ginger and garlic and sauté for 2 minutes. As before, if the masala is sticking to the pan, loosen it with a few splashes of water.

Step 5 – Add the tomato puree, lemon juice and sugar. Mix everything well.

Step 6 – Slide in the chicken pieces and 1.5 to 2 cups water. Deglaze the pot and close the lid. Pressure cook for 7 minutes on high. Once the timer beeps, do a pressure release after 10 minutes.

Step 7 – Open the pot and sprinkle the kasuri methi (fenugreek leaves). Serve hot with naan or rice.

Served with rice and salads 😋

Onion, ginger and garlic make the base of chicken madras as they do in so many other Indian curries.Whole spices

Dry red chillies
Cardamom pods

Spices are the life and soul of any self-respecting curry and are responsible for the deep flavor profile of most Indian food. The right spices added in the right proportions (less is more) can really elevate a dish beyond ‘good’ to ‘freaking awesome’! Here’s what goes into this chicken madras recipe:

How is Madras curry powder different from another curry powder ?🤔

Some say that this, along with regular curry powder is a British invention and has nothing to do with authentic Indian food. This is not completely true as the whole spices used to make curry powder are distinctly Indian. So, how is Madras curry powder different from curry powder? Both have the same ingredients except that Madras curry powder is hotter with the addition of chilli peppers. Madras curry powder is a star spice in this recipe, so don’tthat this, along with regular curry powder is a British invention and has nothing to do with authentic Indian food. This is not completely true as the whole spices used to make curry powder are distinctly Indian. So, how is Madras curry powder different from curry powder? Both have the same ingredients except that Madras curry powder is hotter with the addition of chilli peppers. Madras curry powder is a star spice in this recipe, so don’t skip it.
1) Coriander powder – store-bought works fine, but if you really want your curry to vibrate with fresh flavors, use fresh coriander powder. How to make fresh coriander powder? Toast a tablespoon of coriander seeds in a small frypan over medium heat until the seeds start changing color and you can actually smell them. Turn off the heat, cool for a bit, then grind them in a dry spice grinder to a semi-fine powder. Of course, it all depends on the time you have. If you don’t have a lot, use pre-packaged coriander powder.
2) Cumin powder– just a little bit of cumin works wonders. Don’t go overboard with it as it can make the curry dark and taste overwhelming. Again, fresh is best (same method as the coriander above) but store-bought cumin powder works well too.
3) Chilli powder– if you don’t mind the heat, use cayenne but if too much spice is not your thing, use Kashmiri chilli powder. It adds a mild heat but lots of natural red color.
4) Turmeric powder – Indian food can’t really do without turmeric! Again, add a little bit only for warmth and color since there is some in the curry powder too.

Dried Fenugreek leaves( kasuri methi) – I can’t tell you how much depth a pinch or two of this herb adds to Indian curries. Restaurants use this in almost all their dishes and it adds a wonderful kick to gravy-based dishes. The trick is to add a little only as too much kasuri methi can ruin a perfectly good curry and make it bitter. Another thing to remember is to add it towards the end of the cooking cycle. This again prevents the food from turning bitter.

A hot & vibrant spicy Madras chicken curry 🍗😝

Chicken Madras is a hot and vibrant chicken curry that tastes so good with either naan or rice. Deeply flavoured with spices, this is one Indian curry you can’t miss!😊😊😄

1) You can make madras chicken with boneless breast or thigh as well. Reduce the cooking time to 5 minutes for boneless chicken.
2) Don’t put more than 1/2 tsp kasuri methi and make sure to add it at the end, or the curry will turn bitter.

😊I hope you like my new recipe Madras chicken curry 🍗🍗😝😋

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✨Onion Pakora (Spicy onion fritters)😋😋 Tea time snack.

When it’s rainy & cold, best thing to do 🤗☺☺

Onion pakora is a popular tea time snack made by deep-frying onion slices in a gluten-free and vegan chickpea flour batter.

Onion pakora 😋😋

When it is rainy or cold, the best thing to do is to warm up with a cup of chai and a plate of piping hot pakora. Pakora (also called pakoda, pakodi or bhajji) can be made with almost anything. Potatoes, onions, most vegetables, paneer, chicken and even bread pakoras are very popular. The binding agent is chickpea flour or besan which makes these onion pakora naturally gluten-free and vegan.

There are a couple of ways to make pakora.There is no dearth of tea time snacks in Indian cuisine. These snacks can be an entire cuisine category on their own. From the bhajjis and vadas of South India to pakore and chaat from North India, the sheer variety of Indian tea time snacks will astound you. Most of these snacks are easy to make with just a few pantry staples.

ONION PAKORA {SPICED ONION FRITTERS – VEGAN, GF} – HAPPY&HARRIEDThe process of making onion pakora starts by slicing and salting the onions and letting them sit for a while. This makes the onions let out water and makes it softer and more pliable. Then when you add the flour, you will need very little water and the pakora turns out super crunchy on the outside and perfectly cooked inside.

Sliced onions 😁

I have been experimenting with cooking pakoras in an air fryer too and it works. It tastes slightly different from the deep-fried version of course, but if you are watching your calories, it is a good option. Just remember to spread out the onion fritters thinly when placing the batter in the air fryer bowl.

Ingredients :

Red onions – 2, medium-large
Salt – ½ tsp
Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp
Red chili powder – ½ – 1 tsp (as per taste)
Garam masala powder – ½ tsp
Green chilies – 2, finely chopped
Cilantro leaves – 1 tbsp, finely chopped
Chickpea flour – 1 cup, sifted
Rice flour – 2 tbsp, sifted
Water – as needed
Oil – for deep-frying

How to make :

Using your hands, mix them together, separating the onion slices with your fingers. Rest for at least 15 minutes to let the onions soften.
Add chickpea flour and rice flour to the onions and mix well. Add water, a little at a time, to make a thick batter. Taste and adjust seasoning.
Heat oil in a large, deep pan. Drop spoonfuls of batter into the hot oil. Fry pakora in medium heat, flipping them over to cook on all sides. Remove with a slotted spoon and place on paper towels to absorb excess oil.

Onion pakora (spicy onion fritter) served with hot chutney 😋😘

A good pakora needs a good condiment to go with it. Ketchup is always a crowd favorite, but I also like to make a tangy green chutney to go with it.

Onion pakora are also great as a side for a traditional Indian meal, I especially love pakora with rice and dal curry. If you have never tried it, you definitely should.

Served with hot chutney 😋😘

What’s your favourite tea time snack ?🤔

Let me know in the comments. Do try this easy pakora recipe and let me know how you like it.

I hope you like onion pakora ( spicy onion fritters)😋😋

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Restaurants Style Homemade Paneer (cheese cube)Masala(Spicy) Tikka.😋😋😋

The best homemade paneer tikka masala recipe you’ll ever taste! It’s one of the popular restaurant style paneer recipes.

Paneer tikka is made with marinated paneer cubes, onions, and colorful peppers. After soaking up the flavors of the marinade, they are baked into the oven or grilled on the stovetop. Let’s go one step further and make delicious, flavorful, creamy Punjabi gravy masala. Then grilled tikka are added into the gravy and the dish called paneer tikka masala.

This simple paneer tikka masala is packed with flavor. Pan fry pieces of paneer until golden brown and then bathe them in a rich tomato sauce. The paneer tikka masala is so good that you’ll want to lick the bowl!

Paneer Tikka Masala Recipe – a simple vegetarian weeknight meal!

Now that tomatoes are in season, I want to cook with them all the time. They have robust flavor and add a lovely hue to your dishes. One of my favorite things to cook with tomatoes is chicken tikka masala. “Tikka” in Indian cuisine refers to pieces of meat or vegetables marinated in spices. “Masala” refers to blends of spices in paste or powder form. Chicken tikka masala, then, is a dish of cooked marinated chicken pieces that’s bathed in a rich tomato sauce.

In this recipe, I make a vegetarian version using paneer instead of chicken. Although I use a number of spices in this paneer tikka masala recipe, it is simple to cook. The paneer has a lovely flavorful crust on the outside, and it pair so well with the masala sauce.


Paneer tikka masala (spicy)

Vegetarian • Gluten free

1: Cilantro
1 tbsp: Coriander, ground
6 cloves: Garlic
3 tsp: Ginger
1: Onion, medium
4: Tomatoes

Pasta & grains
1: Basmati rice or jasmine rice, cooked

Baking & spices
1/2 tsp: Black pepper, freshly ground
1/4 tsp: Cayenne pepper
1 tsp: Garam masala
2 1/4 tsp: Kosher salt
3 tsp: Paprika
1: Red pepper flakes
2 tsp: Sugar
1/2 tsp: Turmeric

Oils & vinegars
5 tbsp: Safflower or canola oil

Nuts & seeds
1 tsp: Cumin

3 tbsp: Heavy cream
14 oz: Paneer
6 tbsp: Whole milk yogurt, plain

3/4 cup: Water

Preparation & Marination

1)We need thick yogurt (hung curd) for marination. Take the yogurt in a cheesecloth or muslin cloth or cotton handkerchief. Twist or tie lightly on top and keep it in a colander. Keep bowl underneath to collect the liquid. Keep it in the fridge for 1 hour and let the excess water drain out.

Water drain out

2)Then you will have really thick yogurt ready, take that in a bowl.

Thick yogurt

3)Add ginger paste, garlic paste, red chili powder, garam masala, kasoori methi, coriander powder, salt, and lemon juice.

4)Mix well.

5) Add paneer cubes, onions, and peppers.
paneer, onion and peppers in the marinade

Mix everything really well so all the marinade is coated well. Cover and let it marinate in the refrigerator for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. More marination time does not hurt.

Grilling Paneer And Veggies (3 Methods):

Method 1: on the stovet kyap without skewers. Heat the nonstick pan on medium heat and add a generous amount of oil. Oil should coat the bottom of the pan. Once hot add marinated cubes in a single layer. You may need to do it in batches.
pan frying paneer and veggies

When paneer gets light golden color flip them and cook another side. Cook the veggies till they are 80% cooked. Remove them to a plate and keep it aside.

Fry in pan😋
Bake in oven

Method 2: )Bake in the oven. Preheat the oven 350 degrees F or 180 degrees C. Line a baking tray with aluminum foil for easy cleaning. Arrange the veggies and paneer on the skewer. Brush the generous amount of oil on all the sides and bake into the preheated oven for 10 minutes. Remove, flip them and apply oil. Again bake for 10-12 minutes.
grilled paneer tikka in the oven

Method 3: )on the stovetop with skewers. Arrange the cubes on the skewer. Depending on the size of the pan you may need to break the skewer in pieces. Heat the nonstick pan on medium heat, add some oil. Once hot, place the skewers and cook by flipping them till it becomes golden from all the sides. It takes around 2-3 minutes.
grilling paneer on the stove top

Grilling Paneer on the stove

How to make paneer (cube cheese) Masala (spicy) Tikka ?

1)Heat the oil in a pan on medium heat. Once hot add cumin seeds and let them sizzle.

2)Then add chopped onion and sprinkle some salt to speed up the process.

3)Let it get soft and light brown in color.

4)Add ginger paste and garlic paste

5)Mix and cook for a minute or till the raw smell of ginger garlic goes away.

6)Mix in the tomato puree.

7)Cook till all the moisture evaporates and oil starts to leave the sides of the pan. do stir in between.

8)Add cumin powder, coriander powder, red chili powder, and turmeric powder.

9)Mix and cook for a minute.

10)Add 1 cup of water and let the gravy come to a boil. and simmer for 4-5 minutes. Adjust the water quantity as per your liking gravy consistency.

11)Stir in garam masala and kasoori methi.

12)Add prepared tikka.

13)Mix well and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Lastly, add cream.Mix well.

To give smokey flavor to the curry, follow this method. You can skip this if do not care for a smokey flavor. My veggies and paneer pieces were charred slightly, so I have skipped it.
Place a small bowl in the center of the pan.

Take a small piece of charcoal (natural lump charcoal) and heat up on open flame with the use of tongs. Heat it till it gets red hot.
Put the hot charcoal in a small bowl. Make sure charcoal is not touching the food.

Drizzle a ½ teaspoon of ghee over it and immediately the smoke will start to come out.
Immediately cover the pan and leave it for 5 minutes.
Then remove the charcoal and bowl. Paneer tikka masala is ready to serve.

Paneer(cube cheese) masala (spicy) Tikka😍😋

Making Paneer Tikka Masala Ahead Of Time:
If you are planning to make it for a large group and want to make it ahead of time then you can prepare the tikka and gravy beforehand and store them separately. At the time of serving reheat the gravy, add tikka and serve hot.

Served with rice and nan Chapati (bread)🍞

I hope you like it Paneer (cheese cube) masala (spicy)Tikka😋😋🙏🙏

Thanking you so much ☺😁🙏

Home made, Tandoori Paneer Tikka in Oven.😋😋

This is the best Tandoori Paneer Tikka in the oven you make at home same restaurant style teste ,but rosted in a home oven.
Making tandoori paneer tikka in the oven at home is serious business guys ,and I have made sure this recipe is fool proof before I decided to share it here honestly, I was little nervous because tandoori paneer tikka has gift the god like in our house we are picky about our tikkas and we don’t like to mess around,they have to be light, the paneer has to be soft each piece of tikka has to be flavored just right and that smokiness. we love so much.

Tandoori Paneer Tikka.
Just jn case you aren’t familiar with our favourite Tandoori Paneer tikka is Marinated skewers of paneer which are grilled in a super hot tandoor or traditional clay. Its spicy, juicy,light and slightly smoky.its like a vegetarian alternative to tandoori chicken,fish or prawn tikka.

Served with some veggies capsicum, onions and hot chutney 😋


Serves 2 people
Preparation Time – 4 to 5 hours or overnight
Grilling time – 20 – 30 minutes
Paneer – 150 grams (I used milky-mist paneer)
Capsicum – 1 (Big one)
Tomato – 2
Ginger-Garlic paste – 1 teaspoon
Thick curd / Yogurt – 1 cup (125 grams)
Tandoori masala powder – 2 teaspoons (Click here for home-made tandoori powder recipe)
Red chilli powder – 2 teaspoons
Salt – As per taste (less than 2 teaspoons)
Lemon juice – 2 teaspoons (Plus extra for drizzling)
Chat Masala – As required
Kasoori Methi / Dry Fenugreek leaves – 1 teaspoon
Oil – 1 teaspoon + As required (preferably mustard oil or sunflower oil)
Extras that you’ll need
Metal Skewers / Bamboo Skewers – 3 or 4
Baking tray
Aluminium foil (wrapper paper)

Preparation mathod:

Take a cup of thick curd and hang it on a muslin cloth for 30 minutes. This helps to remove excess water.
Take this thick curd in a bowl and add red chilli powder, tandoori masala powder, salt, ginger garlic paste, kasoori methi, 2 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp oil and mix well. (If your mixture is runny add a teaspoon of besan flour or corn flour)
Set the above curd marinade aside.
Take paneer and wash in water (I used store bought paneer), then soak it in warm water for 2 minutes, remove from water and pat dry using a tissue. Now chop into squares or rectangular cubes and set aside.
Wash tomatoes and capsicum well in water and pat dry it. Chop the tomatoes into four halves, then using a knife chop off the ends so that it resembles a square. Slice off the seeds using knife and set aside. (Use the seed part for chutneys or making gravies; check the pic below to know how I sliced tomatoes into squares)

Similarly chop capsicum into halves and remove the seed part in the center and discard it. Chop into squares and set aside.
Peel onion and chop off the ends, then cut onion into four halves, you will get the square shape already!
Now mix the paneer, capsicum, onion and tomato pieces in the curd marinade. Mix gently with your fingers and see that the marinade gets spread on all the pieces well. Do not do this by force else the paneer pieces will break easily.
marinate paneer and veggies
After this set the marinated mix in refrigerator (not freezer) for 4 to 5 hours or overnight. I let the marinade undisturbed overnight, this makes the paneer really very flavvorful.
Remove from the refrigerator the following day or after 4 or 5 hours and set aside until it reaches room temperature.

Meanwhile line the baking tray with an aluminium foil and set aside.
Preheat oven (OTG) at 200° C (app. 400 degree Fahrenheit) for 10 minutes on grill mode. (i.e. heat the top rods alone)
Now insert the marinated vegetable and paneer pieces alternatively into the skewers carefully. Do not pack very tight. (If using bamboo skewers, soak the skewers in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes before use to avoid burning)
Now spread some oil over the packed skewers using a brush. (you wont be able to brush the oil smoothly just spread it across with the help of the brush, if you apply by force the marinade will come off, so be gentle while applying oil. do not pour too much oil)
When done place the skewers on the baking tray and place on the top rack inside the oven.
pack in skewers
Grill for 10 minutes (same mode, 200° C) then open and remove the tray using oven mitts or gloves. Turn the skewers carefully and brush some oil on this side.
Grill this side for another 10 minutes. Remove again and change sides grill for another 5 minutes.
Check if the paneer has got cooked, the onion, tomato and capsicum pieces will have shrunk by now.
Now remove from Oven (OTG). I wanted a more smoky flavor, just like the ones we get from a paneer tikka cooked in tandoor, so I showed the skewers over direct flame (high flame) for a few seconds using my gas stove. It gave a nice smoky punch and burnt effect to the tikkas. Do not show for long, else paneer will become over-burnt and rubbery.
bake paneer
Transfer the skewers to a serving plate and drizzle lemon juice over it. Sprinkle chat masala.
Serve along with some sliced onions and mint chutney!!

It gave a nice smoky punch and burnt effect to tikka

Super flavorful Paneer Tikka is now ready!! Serve hot with mint chutney!! Yum!!!!

I hope you like it home made panee tikka😋😋

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