✌️✨ Nominated for the Liebster Award!🙏🙏

Thanking you Kamal Shrestha.

I am very grateful about this nomination . Thanking you soooooo much ” Kamal’s Blogging Cafe”, for your recognition of my blog and your own blog posts that spice the blogger community.

I have to admit that I did not know about this award .but I am very honoured for it,and accept it and will pass it on to others in the Blogging world.

My Blogger friend ‘Kamal shrestha’ have nominated me for “The Liebstar Award…” He is amazing person who writes most beautiful interesting stuff in her Blog….
I am very much excited to say that “Kamal’s Blogging Cafe” has been nominated for me.its my first Award – the Liebstar Award! Many thank to Kamal Shreshtha for this nomination. I am very thankful to you for this!. You are very kind. I wish god bless you.What I love in his Blog is the simple crafts which is affordable to anyone and you can surprise his adorable and amazing post.

Check the link below to know more about him.

https:// kamalsbloggingcafe.wordpress.com


“Liebster” is a German word meaning beloved or dearest. It is an online appreciation in form of virtual award which started in 2011 passed on by bloggers to fellow bloggers for enjoying and valuing their work. The idea is to recognize their efforts and give credit.

My Lovely Nominees The Rules for Participation are:

1. Thanks the blogger who has nominated you and provide the link of their blog.
2. Answer the 11 question given to you.
3. Nominate 11 other blogger.
4. Ask your nominees 11 question.
5. Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.

Answers to the Questions addressed to me by Kamal Shreshtha are as follows:

1.Introvert or Extrovert? Reason?

Introverts have a lot of the chemical that makes them feel stimulated; extroverts don’t have so much. This is why introverts tend to avoid crowded places or deadlines — things that are likely to put extra pressure on them — because they already have pressure within themselves.

2. Which is your Favorite movie and why?

I like all hollywood , bollywood,korian and Chinese movies.i like hollywood movie Avenger all series.The forthcoming movie Avengers movie, the summer’s big kick-off superhero blockbuster, is the culmination of five superhero films released over the past four years, all of them set within the same universehis is besty favourite movies are horror.i like horror movies .Train to Busan is my favourite movie.

3. Who are your favorite bloggers?

Aww that’s really a difficult question for me as well. I cannot have favourite ones. You know what… I really want to go through all the bloggers. Because I love reading and I have the ability to read almost all in a very short time. To be honest, you are also one of them all. Thanks.

4.When is your birthday?

My birthday is coming to 15 may.

5. What’s special about the country you live in?

Punjab is a state in northwest region of India and is one of the most prosperous states.
The name Punjab is made of two words Punj (Five) + Aab (Water) i.e. land of five rivers. These five rivers of Punjab are Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab, and Jhelum. Only Sutlej, Ravi and Beas rivers flow in today’s Punjab. The other two rivers are now in the state of Punjab, situated in Pakistan. The Punjab State is divided into three regions: Majha, Doaba and Malwa.
Agriculture is the mainstay of Punjab’s economy. Other major industries include manufacturing of scientific instruments, electrical goods, financial services, machine tools, textiles, sewing machines etc..Punjab is considered to have the best infrastructure in India; this includes road, rail, air and river transport links that are extensive throughout the region. Punjab also has the lowest poverty rate in India and has won the best state performance award, based on statistical data compiled by the Indian Government.
According to 2011 Census of India, the total Population of Punjab is 2,77,43,338. The decadal change i.e. increase in population from 2001 to 2011 is 13.89%.Geographical area
The total area of the state is 50,362 square kilometers (19,445 square miles), with the cultivable area being under assured irrigation. Its average elevation is 300 meters (980 ft) above sea level, with a range from 180 meters (590 ft) in the southwest to more than 500 meters (1,600 ft) around the northeast border.
Punjab extends from the latitudes 29.30° North to 32.32° North and longitudes 73.55° East to 76.50° East.
Punjab is bounded on the west by Pakistan, on the north by Jammu and Kashmir, on the northeast by Himachal Pradesh and on the south by Haryana and Rajasthan.

The state has a balanced amalgamation of heat in summer, rain in monsoon and cold in winter. The three seasons are so distinctly distributed that you can enjoy each of them individually. Punjab experiences both summer and winter to its extreme. It even receives abundant rainfall, which makes the state a very fertile land. The region lying near the foot hills of Himalayas receive heavy rainfall whereas the region lying at a distant from the hills, the rainfall is scanty and the temperature is high.
The summer months span from mid April to the end of June. The rainy season in Punjab is from early July to end of September. October marks the beginning of the winter season. From December onwards, the winter becomes chilly. Most of the major festivals of Punjab, like Lohri, Holla Mohalla, Diwali, and Dussehra, fall during this period. The best time to visit Punjab is from October to the end of March.
Punjabi, the official language of the state, is the tenth most widely spoken language in the world. It is also the fourth most spoken language in Asia. It is the only living language among the Indo-European languages which is a fully tonal language. Punjabi is written in the Gurmukhi Script. Besides Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and the universally acclaimed English are the languages that are spoken in Punjab.
State Capital
Chandigarh is a union territory and serves as the capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana. It is one of the early planned cities in the post-independence India. Picturesquely located at the foothills of Shivaliks, it is known as one of the best experiments in urban planning and modern architecture in the twentieth century in India. The dream city of India’s first Prime Minister, Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Chandigarh was planned by the famous French architect Le Corbusier.
The foundation stone of the city was laid in 1952. In March, 1948, the Government of Punjab, in consultation with the Government of India, approved the area of the foothills of the Shivaliks as the site for the new capital. The location of the city site was a part of the erstwhile Ambala district as per the 1892-93 gazetteer of District Ambala. Subsequently, at the time of reorganization of the state on 01.11.1966 into Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pardesh, the city assumed the unique distinction of being the capital city of both, Punjab and Haryana while it itself was declared as a Union Territory and under the direct control of the Central Government.
City / state
There are 22 Districts and total of 168 statutary towns and 69 census towns in Punjab. Thus there are total 237 towns (or say cities) in Punjab. Major cities of Punjab include Mohali, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Patiala and Jalandhar.
One of the world’s first and oldest civilizations, the Indus Valley Civilization spanned much of the Punjab region, with cities such as Harappa and Mohenjodaro now located in the modern-day Pakistani province of Punjab.

6. Favorite destination outside your country?

My favourite destination outside e Golden Temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib, meaning “abode of God” or Darbār Sahib, meaning “exalted court”, is a Gurdwara located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. It is the preeminent spiritual site of Sikhism

Groundbreaking: December 1581
Completed: 1589 (Temple), 1604 (with Adi Granth)
Founders: Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjan

The Gurdwara is built around a man-made pool (sarovar) that was completed by the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das in 1577.[5][6] Guru Arjan, the fifth Guru of Sikhism, requested Sai Mir Mian Mohammed, a Muslim Pir of Lahore, to lay its foundation stone in 1589.[7] In 1604, Guru Arjan placed a copy of the Adi Granth in Harmandir Sahib, calling the site Ath Sath Tirath (lit. “shrine of 68 pilgrimages”).[2][8] The Gurdwara was repeatedly rebuilt by the Sikhs after it became a target of persecution and was destroyed several times by the Mughal and invading Afghan armies. [2][4][9] Maharaja Ranjit Singh after founding the Sikh Empire, rebuilt it in marble and copper in 1809, overlaid the sanctum with gold foil in 1830. This has led to the name the Golden Temple.[10][11][12]

The Harmandir Sahib is an open house of worship for all men and women, from all walks of life and faith.[2] It has a square plan with four entrances, has a circumambulation path around the pool. The complex is a collection of buildings around the sanctum and the pool.[2] One of these is Akal Takht, the chief center of religious authority of Sikhism.[4] Additional buildings include a clock tower, the offices of Gurdwara Committee, a Museum and a langar – a free Sikh community run kitchen that serves a simple vegetarian meal to all visitors without discrimination.[4] Over 100,000 people visit the holy shrine daily for worship.[14] The Gurdwara complex has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its application is pending on the tentative list of UNESCO.[5]

7. Describe yourself in 5 words?

I am honest and hard working. I belong to family.i am no talkative.l love cooking so I like cooking for my family.i like to play cricket and reading books in free time.i also love my mother.

8. What’s your ambition?

I become to a good person and help people to become a good blog.

9. Best advice by your best friend.

I have friends but not sure friends, you should avoid sneaky friends, but my parents are my best friend।They recommend me never give up always keep moving forward

10. Your best way of passing time?

Spending time with family, playing with children, reading books and cooking

11. Tell one of your good memory

My best memories are when I became a aunt and I saw my niece for the first time I felt that all the happiness of the world was found.

I would like to Nominate the following Bloggers further for this award and the questions are the same ones I answered for you guys as well.












All of you are requested to visit blog:


Once, you will definitely get the taste of writing in an amazing way with respect to the reader. Once again thanks kamal.

Congratulations all the bloggers enlisted above! Please participate and spread love and happiness.

I have to admit that I did not know about this award .but I am very honoured for it,and accept it and will pass it on to others in the Blogging world.

🌸 I hope you like my post ☺️. please accept it.🙏

🙏Thanking you so much 🙏

Keep writing,keep reading, keep glowing✨


Singh Lovely द्वारा प्रकाशित

I am lovely singh.l love cooking food.i do love to share recipes and pics of food with friends and social media.i hate clicking on a recipe that says ,Best ever" or, perfect" or ultimate" I always think a tailor it to make it a make different,fit my tastes more,or make it easier to prepare.

41 विचार “✌️✨ Nominated for the Liebster Award!🙏🙏&rdquo पर;

    1. Dear Singh Lovely and Carax&VanNuys,

      I am also very pleased to receive the nomination for the Liebster Award, for which I have already been nominated before, as documented in my special post at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/soundeagle-appreciation-award/

      You have answered those questions very well, Singh Lovely.

      In particular, thank you for visiting and commenting on my latest post entitled “🎼🎹—THE—🎹—LAST—🎹—RAG—🎹🎵🎶”. However, I have no idea at all what you thought about my original musical composition complemented by a bespoke rhyming poem, recordings, videos and printed scores there, and would appreciate it if you could kindly submit another comment there to inform me and my readers the outcome of your savouring my music.

      Liked by 1 व्यक्ति

  1. Congratulations … It’s so amazing and cheerful reading.You made my day today. The way you have presented me here is fantastic. I couldn’t imagine at first. Thank you so much Avenger. You are cool. And I knew more about Punjab. I did not get chance to visit Punjab while I was in New Delhi. Superb place. 🙂🙂🙂🙂💮💮💮💮

    Liked by 5 लोग

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